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Nashville is a city filled with tons of original style and elegance.  Artist, Designers, Musicians, Writers, Stars and Fashion; you will find the heartbeat of unique designs and creative inspiration in the middle of Tennessee.

We are dedicated to bring all the unique talents of Nashville to the rest of the world and share the hidden jewels of the south.   Beautiful homes to the stars, custom jewelry and fashion design, and luxury items from custom guitars, furniture, and gourmet foods, Nashville is filled with Elegance.

This is a site to share ideas and unique talents; the hidden treasures of elegance surrounding the Nashville market.   Keep in touch with the latest trends, find new inspiration, connect with great boutiques, shop for new homes, and find new writers and musicians.  Nashville has redefined elegance

What other place can you find a wealth of talent, stars living and shopping among you, great music on every street corner, beautiful horse farms, historical landmarks, and is home to a large number of colleges and universities.  Nashville is the Athens of the South.

Before Nashville became "Music City," Nashville was known as the Athens of the South with a full-size reproduction of the Greek Parthenon. In 1897 for Tennessee's Centennial Exposition, city fathers built a full-scale replica of the real Athens' most famous landmark.  It's such a perfect clone that during recent renovations, the 2,500-year-old Greek Parthenon is located in Nashville's Centennial Park; it makes a perfect photo opportunity.  

 This Tennessee city, known for honky-tonks and country music, it also is becoming know for our fine dining restaurants.




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